Distributed Tracing with Spring Cloud Jaeger


Implementing Jaeger Tracing

public class Controller {

private static final Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(Controller.class);
private RestTemplate restTemplate;

private String applicationName;

public Controller(RestTemplate restTemplate) {
this.restTemplate = restTemplate;

public ResponseEntity path1() {

logger.info("Incoming request at {} for request /path1 ", applicationName);
String response = restTemplate.getForObject("http://localhost:8090/service/path2", String.class);
return ResponseEntity.ok("response from /path1 + " + response);

public ResponseEntity path2() {
logger.info("Incoming request at {} at /path2", applicationName);
return ResponseEntity.ok("response from /path2 ");
public RestTemplate restTemplate(RestTemplateBuilder builder) {
return builder.build();
version: "3.3"
image: jaegertracing/all-in-one:1.25
- 6831:6831/udp
- 6832:6832/udp
- 16686:16686
- 14268:14268
url: http://localhost:14268/api/traces
java -jar \
target/Distributed-Service-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar \
--spring.application.name=Service-1 \
java -jar \
target/Distributed-Service-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar \
--spring.application.name=Service-2 \
curl -i http://localhost:8080/service/path1
INFO 69938 --- [nio-8080-exec-1] i.j.internal.reporters.LoggingReporter   : Span reported: ed70bbaa2bd5b42f:c7c94163fc95fc1e:ed70bbaa2bd5b42f:1 - GET
INFO 69885 --- [nio-8090-exec-1] i.j.internal.reporters.LoggingReporter   : Span reported: ed70bbaa2bd5b42f:e9060cb1d5336c55:c7c94163fc95fc1e:1 - path2





Software Craftsman, Tech Enthusiast. I run https://refactorfirst.com to post all my articles

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Amrut Prabhu

Amrut Prabhu

Software Craftsman, Tech Enthusiast. I run https://refactorfirst.com to post all my articles

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